You know you've got them - those old, curled edged photos that you run across from time to time; the ones that you'd be so embarrassed for anyone to see.  But we knew you back then, when we were all dweebs in our own way.  So come on, upload some of those gems - you're among friends. 

Simply follow the upload instructions.  We'll review the submitted photos and post them right away in the appropriate album.

Larry & Carol both '68 check-in duty

SMN68 50th Reunion Weekend

Here is where you'll find the  growing collection of photos from the 50th Reunion, June 8-9, 2018. 

60th Birthday Party

On May 1, 2010, we held an all class, 60th birthday party to celebrate (or commiserate, depending on your perspective) that important milestone. Please upload and view photos from that event here.
Sort of what I look like ...

45th Reunion Photos, June 7-8, 2013

Most recent photos from 2013 and our 45th Reunion events  

Pictures from the 40th Reunion

After the reunion, remember to upload your cellphone or camera photos to this album.

Pictures from the 20th Year Reunion

Annotated pictures from the 20th Reunion
- back in 1988.
Okay, folks, don't leave me hanging as the only goofball to take the plunge on this.  Let's see all the buried treasur

Pictures from the Past

Photos from the 60s. We encourage you to scan those images and upload them.