There are two simple steps to follow to sign up for the June 8th and June 9th events:

Step 1 - Register for Events (RSVP)
Register for each event you plan to attend so we know you're coming and so we can print out name tags for you and your guests.

To register for events, select the Friday Night Event, below, and enter the necessary attendance information. Then Select the Saturday (daytime) and Saturday night events in which you are interested and do the same.

Be sure to click the "Add RSVP" button after you enter your reservation for each of these events. Keep in mind that the events during the day on Saturday happen about the same time - so you're going to have to make some choices.

Step 2 - Payment (Purchase Tickets)
After registering for events, click on the Pay for Events link to secure tickets and to submit payment. Only then do we really know you're coming.

Optional - If you really hate credit cards and still use checks, please contact us by email at for guidance. 


After you submit the RSVP information go directly to the Pay By Credit Card link to submit payment. By registering prior to the end of March, you get a significant discount and you get registered for door prizes on Saturday night.