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September 17, 2018

SMN68 Blog - Curated by Larry McCarthy

So, let's begin. What's on your mind?


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Larry McCarthy on September 19, 2018 11:48 PM
Always wondered what it was like for a halfback at say, Topeka West, Turner, or SM South?  Bad enough they have to face the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” on the SM North defensive line, but there was this “guy” on the SM North Team that “never platooned.”  He would play fullback, then stay on the field and play linebacker.  The kid from any opposing team had to know his “head was coming right off!”  Anyone know the guy “that never platooned?”
Leslie Mills on October 14, 2018 2:07 PM
I wish I could remember the football games!  I must have gone, I think.  I remember walking to and from the games with Ruth Jackson who lived on Johnson Drive down the street from my house on Hardy to SMN.  One night we found a cat that was hit by a car, and we took it to my house.  I don't remember what the exact sequence of events were, except that it made me cry, and the cat died.  We were both in the Pep Club, and I remember the basketball games (easier to understand than football!).  It was all fun as I remember, and I knew who was who in sports.  I think track was more interesting for me, which is why I admired Bob Bornkessel so much!  Track is easy to understand.  Football, not so.  I am no help, Larry, but I will channel my deepest memories.  
Mike Downie on October 30, 2018 5:52 PM
Larry, I went to all of the football games Junior and Senior year, but there is no way I know the answer to your question. Many of the memories of 50+ years ago have been pushed out to make room for new ones. You have a great memory!
Gary Bentz on November 10, 2018 8:30 PM
Are you thinking of Allan Steelman? Class of ‘67? He was a fullback at North. Don’t remember if he played defense though. Although, he went on to be the starting Middle Linbacker at K-State. 
Larry McCarthy on November 10, 2018 8:50 PM
As I mentioned below, Gary, The man inquestion was our very own Murrell Hayes!

Larry McCarthy on October 30, 2018 6:11 PM
I think this one has been out there long enough!  The man that seldom platooned was our very own Murrell Hayes.  It had to be intimidating to opposing teams.  I also went to every game, but all three years.  Best to all! 

Larry McCarthy on October 31, 2018 5:09 PM
For three years a photographer “roamed the football sidelines” at Shawnee Mission North.  He was dedicated beyond belief!  Any idea who our “roaming photographer”  was?   
Kenn on November 3, 2018 1:52 PM
Was it Mike Foltz? He took a lot of photos but dont know if that is who you are looking for.

Larry McCarthy on November 3, 2018 4:16 PM
The guy I'm thinking about was our very own Student Body President, Dr. George Pierson!  I can recall him walking the sidelines trying to capture "dramatic moments" in several games. His own words were; "yep I spent 3 years with Dektol and tri-X film.  I worked at the Bruce Smith Drug Store in the camera department next to their soda fountain."

Lawrence McCarthy on November 23, 2018 1:25 PM
If you attended the 50th Reunion you should know the answer to this question: who attended SMN that was related to the famous actor Basil Rathbone (you know, the guy that played Sherlock Holmes in the 1940s)?  

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