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Susan (Susie) Myers (Sheuerman)
retired Widowed

Looking forward to the party!  See you there?!?

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richard shrock
sales mgr. Married 3
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Patty Morgan (Simmons)
Retired Widowed 2
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Roger Sims
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Self-employed Married
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Ken Smart
Retired Divorced
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Cheryl Raupp (Smith)
Retired Single 3
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Cindi Souder
Retired from American Red Cross Married
Just retired and moved from KC to the "Country"...I like the quiet.
I am an aspiring watercolor artist. Hope to do a lot more traveling.
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Sherryl Welsh (Spies)
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Retired Widowed
After 40 years in Houston, Tx, I made the big move.  I now reside in The Villages, Florida.
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Barb Fletcher (Spigarelli)
teacher Committed Relationship 3
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Lowell Stacy
Senior Medical Writer 2
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Deborah Webb (Stephens)
retired Married 3
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Jim Stewart
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Retired Married 2
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Kathy Twogood (Strickland)
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Agent and Registered Rep for New York Life Single Again
I moved back to the KC area 13 years ago.  Partially retired but on my own schedule with lots of freedom! Send Kathy a MessageSend Kathy a Message
Jill McMahan (Sullivan)
Reading Specialist Widowed 4
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William Swatzell
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Profile picture
Big Lakes Developmental Center Single
William "Bill" Swatzell has attended Big Lakes Developmental Center in Manhattan, Kansas since 1970. He began working on contracts an opportunities to gain independence. He resided at home with his parents, Dororthy and Cecil Swatzell until 2016 in St. George, Kansas. Bill enjoys going out to lunch, interacting with roomates and peers, and spending time with family. He is happy with his life and looks forward to many more years. Send William a MessageSend William a Message
Mike Swift
Change Management Consultant Married 2
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Judith Volts (Taylor)
Retired Married
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Ken Templeton
Retired carpenter Married 2
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Bob Thomas
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CPA / Real Estate Broker Married 3
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Jane Geraughty (Toliver)
retired Widowed
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