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Dan Collier
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Wyndam Resort Developement Corp. Married 1
See several names I recognize and it does bring back some memories of times gone by.  Went to KU, then Washburn Law School, then back to KU in business grad school.  I've lived on the Lake of the Ozarks for the last twenty years mainly working as a Community Association Manager, and now work for Wyndham Resort Developement.  On my third marriage, but this one took, we've been married thirty years.  I have one daughter from my first marriage and she lives in Versailles (Missouri, not France).  She's blessed me with two grandsons, ages 10 & 11. 
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retired teacher Committed Relationship 3
Hey there class of '68 classmates!   As some of you may recall, I was a transfer student from Chicago for my senior year at SMN.  I attended UMKC for two years and then completed my undergrad studies in Art Education at SMSU in Springfield, MO, now known as Missouri State University.  I had a fantastic 34-YEAR teaching career, mostly on the high school level.  Upon retiring in 2007, I had a pottery studio in Oak Park, a famous Chicago suburb.  I participated in numerous art fairs and sales over the years and only recently shut down my studio to move on to other endeavors.  I enjoy studying jazz piano;  singing with a local community chorus and occasionally with church choirs;  I've also been doing some tutoring, some painting (canvasses, not walls!) and  I enjoy daily  at my local Y.  Travel, attending live theatre, opera, and concerts, and spending a good deal of time socializing with friends comprise just a partial list of the many activities that keep me busy and happy.  I attended the 20th reunion in 1988 and I hope to attend the upcoming 50th in June of 2018.  As I used to say to my high school students at the end of class each day....."time flies when you're havin' fun!"  Send GREGORY a MessageSend GREGORY a Message
Richard Conway
Retired Married 1
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Joe Coon
Owner: Consumer Techniques Married 4
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Jess Cornelius
retired special education teacher basketball coach Married
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Jim Cossette
owner Armour Amusement
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Sheryl Gee (Costanza)
Commercial Loan Processor Married 2
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Dick Cowden
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Retired Married
I retired as a managing editor at Bloomberg BNA in 2015 and since then have been fixing up an old farmhouse in the Hudson Valley while my wife Ellen finishes up her work as a professor at the University of Maryland. Looking forward to seeing everyone in June! Send Dick a MessageSend Dick a Message
Linda Harding (Creager)
Realtor/Property Manager Married 3
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Tim Cronin
Retired Police Officer Married 3
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Victoria Parrish (Cronin)
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Retired Married 1
I have been married almost 40 years. I have a daughter who is a master  psychologist.  I worked in a credit card call center management position for 34 years.  I still see my best friend from high school, Cheryl Kramer Korb!   I am coming to the reunion and am excited to see everyone.
Chuck Curry
Retired Married 2
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David Davenport
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Higher education Married 3
After college at Stanford and law school at KU, married Sally Nelson (SMN '74) and moved to California where we've been ever since, living in San Diego, Malibu (25 years at Pepperdine University) and now back at Stanford where I work at the Hoover Institution.  3 kids, one in Colorado and two in California.  See my writing at   Send David a MessageSend David a Message
Barbara Davis (Davis Garey)
Retired Widowed 2
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David DeCoster
Business System Analyst Married 2
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William ( Mike ) DeNoon
Retired HS Science teacher 40 years Married 2
It's hard to believe that it has been 50 years! Wow. Where did the time go? It will be nice to see old friends again. Send William ( Mike ) a MessageSend William ( Mike ) a Message
Satpurkha John DeRigne
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Chiropractor Divorced 1
So soon it seems for as long as its been
Look forward to meeting and making the scene.
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Roberta FRANCESCONI (Dierks)
Leisure Travel Consultant Widowed 1
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Johnny Ditto
Sales Married 3
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Michael Downie
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Retired Telecom Engineer Married 2
Looking forward to 50 year reunion. Send Michael a MessageSend Michael a Message
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