Here is a list of SMN68 classmates who have already signed up for the 70th Birthday Party. Don't miss out - RSVP today!


Guest RSVP'd
Cheryl Gernhardt (Basiotis)
Linda Liari
Joyce Pate (Fischer)
Sheryl Trogdon (Rockwell)
Stephen Rockwell
Marylynn Shawver
Vince Shawver
Deborah Pittman (England)
Anna (Patsy) McCoy
Ronnie Metsker
Susan Nebel (Metsker)
Rene Mejia
Mike DeNoon (DeNoon)
Wayne White (White)
Mary Burkitt (Mejia)
Fred Wanger
Jean Huff (Atwell)
Monica McCarthy
Sherry Harvey (Hilleary)
Tom Hilleary
Nancy Canady (Fossum)
Barbara Fletcher (Spigarelli)
Brenda Brown (Wanger)
Jackie Stern (Beaulieu)
Jim Atwell
Larry McCarthy
Total 26