50th Reunion
June 9, 2018
1 Year and 12 days left
until our reunion.

After our 45th reunion event, most of us returned to our relatively separate lives and circles, enriched and sweetened by the rekindled memories old friends always induce.

Somehow, in a surprisingly responsible act of forethought, the committe that plans these reunions chose June 8-9, 2018 for the 50th reunion. Expected to come out of its self-induced hibernation sometime this year, the reunion planning committee will once again start to coalesce and grind into action.

We'll need some new members - we've likely lost some through attrition. Cognition, coherence, and stability have never really been qualifying factors for participation - some of us have always had doubts about some of us. But we'd love to have you involved - all you have to do is click the "Contact Us" link to the left and send a message. 

In the meantime, Larry McCarthy has collected a ton of photos and begun to annotate them with names. We are posting them in a new album called "Annotated Photo Collections". Take a look and see if you can help us identify the many classmates who are currently not called out.  Just click on the "Photos" link to the left - it's the top album.


Our biggest challenge is staying in touch - people move, change email addresses, drop the home phone and go solely cellular. So let's stay in touch. 

And when you do visit this site, be sure to look over the following sections - most importantly to update your contact information and to help us find those lost Indians.

Register or Update - If you have never registered as a member of SMN class of 1968, please do so.  And if you've had a change of address, email, or telephone please update your confidential profile here as well. 

Photos – Photos from prior events - and a new album that we are trying to annotate with as many names as we can identify.

Trading Post – Advertisers; your friend in the business. Call in that favor from the 60s. Thanks to them, we are keeping this site alive for years to come. 

In Remembrance – Wistful to read through, but don’t you even think about showing up on this list. Take good care of yourself. Eat your vegetables.

Lost Indians – There are many we have not been able to locate. Scan this list and send us an email if you think you know where we may be able to get in touch with any of these classmates.

Contact Us – If you need to get in touch with anyone from the organizing committee you can contact us here. And if you want to help out don't hesitate - email us regarding our next meeting and just show up.

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