It was fun to see the group that came to our 55th Year celebration, the weekend of October 6-7. It was informal and low-key, and with spouses we had perhaps 30 or so in attendance. There are a number of photos in the 55th Year Album in the Event Photos Page. Sadly, we estimate that there may be several times that number who we were simply not able to notify due to lack of up-to-date contact information.

Our big challenge as we turn out attention to a blow-out 60th Year Reunion in 2028 is going to be collecting valid email or text message addresses. 

Just to keep everyone in closer touch, we also want to have an annual or bi-annual get together for coffee or drinks. 

To facilitate that plan, in a few months you'll be able to come to this site and enable (opt-into) text notifications of these periodic pop-up gatherings and other important news. When we kick that off, we're going to ask you to spread the word to we can better prepare for 2028.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, just email us at


But Also, While You're Here...
While you’re on this site, check your own contact information and make sure it is up to date. And then take the opportunity to reach out to a couple of your former classmates and encourage them to check in as well. You can easily spread the word by simply clicking on the “Tell a Friend” link at the bottom of this page.
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Register or Update - If you have never registered as a member of SMN class of 1968, please do so.  And if you've had a change of address, email, or telephone please update your profile here as well. We keep those details confidential and do not expose or distribute your information. 

Photos – Photos from prior events - including photos from the 50th reunion. 

In Remembrance – Wistful and bittersweet to read through, but don’t you even think about showing up on this list. Take good care of yourself. Eat your vegetables.

Lost Indians (Bisons? Really??!) – Amazingly, we think we have accounted for every one of our classmates. Stay found - you mean a lot to us!  

Contact Us – If you need to get in touch with anyone from the organizing committee you can contact us here. And if you want to help out don't hesitate - email us regarding our next meeting and just show up.